Testimonials & Insights



As lifelong Catholic people who have great devotion to the Virgin Mary and the Saints, we have found that our pilgrimages to Marian Shrines throughout Europe and in Africa have been great experiences for us. Actually being ‘on location’ at the sites where Mary has appeared and where the Saints have lived has meant a great deal to us. We have particularly enjoyed traveling with Deacon Rick and Alison because they have planned excellent itineraries which include daily Mass and prayer, and opportunities to spent ‘quality time’ at well-known shrines such as Lourdes, Fatima, and Santiago de Compostella, as well as, great visits to beautiful locations which may be less well known, such as Garabandal and Montserrat in Spain. As pilgrim people, we need to make these connections with the lives of Mary and the Saints, because these experiences inspire us to persevere in our faith. – Deacon Dick and Pat Berberet

The pilgrimage was wonderful!
“Thank you for arranging such a memorable trip.  God Bless.”  – Carla Lechner

“Simply Stated…THANKS….Thank you both so much for all you did Ito organize the pilgrimage and then plan and prepare us for it.  Deacon Rick thanks for your spiritual presence along the way. The special gifts along the way and letters to prepare before we left on our journey. Alison, thank you for the video…I have watched it several times.  I have been praying the Divine Mercy Novena. God’s blessings to you both.   – Danna Washbourne

Dear Alison and Dcn. Rick,
Thank you for all of your excellent arrangements. You pampered us and it was an amazing pilgrimage.
Thank you so much!   – Kathy Rodgers

Insights from pilgrims:

My faith is deepened whenever I travel with the intent of being on a Pilgrimage because I see how the Catholic Church is alive in other places.  Seeing the churches and learning their history helps me to visualize how long the church has been around.

I’ve gotten something out of every pilgrimage I’ve been on.  In Australia and world youth it was seeing the youth and the pope.  The trip to Europe in 2010, Poland spoke to me, the whole of it.  It was a GREAT trip.  The Baltic Sea cruise showed me how our faith has survived in Russia and how the Eastern Rites are so rich.  The Rome trip and ordination was a sign on how the church is growing, all those young men who will, God willing, be priest soon.

Catholics, especially in OK where there aren’t that many of us and our history doesn’t go back that far, need to see places where the faith has been strong for centuries.  The churches themselves, the people who go attend mass, the other pilgrims visiting.  It shows how vibrate the church is.  It provides hope that life and the church aren’t as bad as you see on TV and the Internet.

I think it is also important that people in places where the church attendance is dropping  see people who are strong in their faith and willing to travel to explore other places that have pieces of their faith history. – Stephanie Wolf

Pilgrimages has made my faith come alive.  We all hear of far off places in the bible but when you visit holy places your senses are awaken.  When you visit the Sea of Galilee, pray at the rock in the Garden of Gethsemane, see a miracle of the eucharist or seeing places where the Blessed Mother appeared it brings you faith to a higher belief.

Each pilgrimage that I have taken is special place in my heart but so far the Pilgrimage that has affected me was the one we took to Lourdes and Fatima.

As Catholics I believe we always have to continue improving our faith and traveling on a pilgrimage is a wonderful way to this.  When you visit sites that have so much meaning to our faith it can only enrich us in our belief in our Catholic faith. – Jill Klein